Frequently Asked questions

* Asianodds is a betting service that aggregates odds from six different bookmakers and enables users to place bets automatically on best odds using one account.
* The service is completely FREE! No monthly fees, no monthly turnover requirement.
* Simply register by filling out the form and you will receive a message from our Customer Service team.
* In order to access Asianodds service, you need to make an initial deposit with a minimum of 100 EUR/GBP. You may contact us via live chat, Skype: asianconnect888, or mail to: to make a deposit.
* You may use different payment gateways. Please refer to the table below:
Payment Gateways Deposit Fee Widthrawal Fee
Skrill Free 1%
Netellet Free 1%
Ecopayz 2% 1% (capped to 30EUR/GBP)
Bank Free Free
Bitcoin Free Free
* Rest assured that the money you deposited on Asianodds is 100% safe. Asianodds88 is a proud proprietary product of Asianconnect. Asianconnect is licensed and regulated by the gaming commission of the Government of Netherlands Antilles. The gaming license requires us to hold sufficient funds in our bank accounts to honour all our customer winnings. You can validate our license here
* Yes. You can transfer credit between your Asianconnect accounts. This applies to any product or service you have with us. This service is free of charge. Just send a mail to: or Skype
* There are two ways to withdraw your funds: mail to: or message us via Skype: asianconnect88. Please indicate the following details: Amount, Account, and your Preferred Gateway. Our customer service representative will ask for security questions and it will take five (5) minutes or less to complete the transaction.
* Yes, your account/s will be set up anonymously while your personal information will be fully confidential as we never pass customer details to third parties.
* Yes. Simply go to the Settings page of your Asianodds account and click the change password button.

* Pinnacle Sports (Pinbet88)


* MaxBet (IBCBet)

* SingBet

* BetISN

* GA288 (GalaxyBet)

* No need. That is the beauty of Asianodds! You only have to maintain a single account with Asianodds.
* There is a minimum bet for each bookie. This amount is determined by the bookmaker. You will see the minimum bet for each book on bet placement.
* The maximum stake is determined by each bookmaker. You will see the maximum stake for each book on bet placement. You can get a higher limit when you use Asianodds’ Euro view as it combines the limits of several bookies that offer the same market.
* No need! Asianodds does not have geographical restrictions.
* Base bookie is used to set the default odds in Euro view. By default, odds display on Euro view is set to BEST odds or highest odds. You can customize this by selecting a base bookie if you prefer to do so.
* We earn a small commission from the bookmakers that we offer through the bets you place via Asianodds.
* Yes. Asianodds API is now available! Feel free to send a mail to: to request for a trial account.
* Your bets placed via Asianodds will be settled as soon as the bookmaker has settled the bet on their end. Please take note that Asianodds is only a tool to place the bet, we do not do the settlement.