The Asianodds API allows you to integrate our odds feed and betting functions into your own sports trading platform, or on any betting application, in any platform you wish to use!

What is Asianodds API?

Asianodds Web API is a RESTful service and, is available in JSON or XML response. It allows you to get odds feed, place bets, and configure settings similar to what is existing on the Asianoods platform. Since it comes in JSON or XML response, you can easily integrate it to any existing or new trading application.

Top reasons for using AsianOdds API

Odds Feed. Analyze real-time football and basketball odds from top Asian bookmakers (Pinnacle Sports a.k.a. Pinbet88, Sbobet, Maxbet, Singbet, BetISN, GA288 a.k.a. GalaxyBet) in one API feed.

Betting Function. Automate your bet placement, this way, you can focus more on your bet strategy.

Easy Integration. Available in JSON or XML response. No installation and special provisioning required.

Documentation. Our API is well-documented, easy-to-read, and always updated. See our Sample Applications.

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