The Asianodds88 APIs allow you to integrate Asianodds88 odds feed and betting functions into your own trading platform, or on any betting application, in any platform you wish to use!

You have two APIS to choose from:

  • Asianodds88 Web API is a RESTful service and, is available in JSON or XML response. It allows you to get odds feed, place bets, and configure settings similar to what is existing on the Asianoods88 platform. Since it comes in JSON or XML response, you can easily integrate it to any existing or newtrading application.
  • Asianodds88 PUSH APIbeta is a set of libraries to build clients that access information from Asianodds88 platform. The PUSH API handles client-serve communication, data conversions, data validation and security. Just call simple API functions to listen to events and make your own betting application. It is really that simple.

Both APIS come with free trial accounts valid for 1 month to facilitate your integration!

Push API (Beta)
Access To Multiple Sharp Bookies
(Pinnacle Sports(Pinbet88), MAxbet,
Singbet, SBObet, BETISN, GA288(Galaxy BEt)
Real-time Odds

(Pull Request)

(Push Update)

Live and Pre-live Matches
Betting Function
Free Trial Account
*JSON Feed
*XML Feed
Com Based
*Push API support XML and JSON. Basically, any data that you receive with the API can be processed as an object or the API can transform the object info an XML or JSON object, while the Web API is available in XML or JSON response.

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