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  • Asianodds is very good, from 1-10 I'll say 11. First, I don't have to open different accounts. Second, support is always online and when there are issues, there is always someone there to resolve.
    Robert. H
    Tirana, Albania
  • You have a wonderful product, I must say. You've been posting on bettingadvice quite a lot of years ago. So I've checked reviews and opinions. Found only complaints from bonus hunters but decided that you are reliable and trustworthy offering great software.
    Dmitry. A
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Your tool lets me enter big stake at once without change in odds. I find it very useful for my nature of betting. Also payouts are very fast and I cannot ask for anything more. Thank you.
    Mehmet. T
    Bursa, Turkey


asianodds is tailor made for bettors. It is to maximize their returns through sports betting. asianodds has best odds. It offers the highest limits. asianodds offer multiple bookies. Live or early betting on football, basketball, tennis, and more. asianodds is a proprietary web based betting platform. It is owned and operated by Asianconnect N.V. It is designed to help bettors get instant access to all odds. Bet on various sportsbooks via a single account. Downloading of software is not needed. Just open an account. Then, start betting on your web browser. asianodds web platform is easy to use. It is simple to access. It gives you the capability to place bets. Place bets on various events and betting markets. All in a single platform. We’ve introduced Skype betting. One of our more recent developments has been the introduction of asianodds. It is the most powerful betting tool. And it is this which we hope – and believe – will change the way you bet. Why choose asianodds? It gives you access to five major Asian sportsbooks. We make sure you are always betting at the best odds. Best odds, highest betting limits and lowest margins. Winners welcome policy. No limitations. No discrimination. Nor closing accounts of winning players. Odds updated and automatically refreshed in real time. With very low latency. Execution of bets at high speed with maximum accuracy. Two sub platforms, available to the user which provides different functionalities. User friendly web interface and fully customizable. Here is a product where the best odds are available at any time. Odds are shown in a specific column. This makes it is much easier to identify the best odds. And can make the difference between you getting 5-2 or having to settle for 2-1. It’s all about giving you an edge. The kind of edge which bookmakers have had for years. No unreliability, no problems. Just accuracy. Learn more about asianodds here.